More than a meeting platform 

Virtual collaboration platform

Tailor-made rooms for recurring meetings and workshops with a focus on pre-construction phases of major construction projects.


Consultants can propose services to project teams in customized rooms at the project’s VR platform. It allows global reach to niche experts.

Developer services

Projects setup with dedicated virtual room. Developed tailor-made rooms and possibility to install tools & connect easily with cloud storages. 

Add on service consultant rooms

Book workshop spaces and services from your preferred experts.

BIM Implementation

Tailor your meeting platform to the digital twin of your project.

Towards a sustainable future

Reduction of CO2 emissions by enabling virtual collaboration and decreasing business trips.

Our Vision

Why are we developing and offering this platform?

We managed lots of large international projects, we are experts in the segment that is ideal as an early adopter: projects with an Early Contractor Involvement.

Which solutions are we bringing to our society?

We make early project teams greener by reducing their air traffic, cutting costs for developers, improving online collaboration and integrating expert services in their project.

Accessing  the rooms...

Our focus is based on security, immersive rooms accesible through VR headsets & laptop screens and tools that will enable your team to work remotely with a proximity feeling.

The carbon footprint of an engineering consultant is 2,8 tonnes/year. Commuting & business travel accounts for 63%!

Preparing construction projects is a 1 trillion EUR business.

5 to 10% of it is spent on travel & marketing!

Trends driving AEC Industry today

Six Trends Driving the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry:

  1. Digital Twins 
    Digital twins help stakeholders to visualize what a project will look like before it is built. 
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Sustainability
    The engineering industry is mirroring the concern by creating new materials and finding environmentally friendly ways to do things. 

  4. Resislient Systems
  5. Big Data
  6. The Changing Nature of Engineering
    As projects and systems become more challenging, engineers have had to work on multidisciplinary geographically-dispersed teams.  Virtual collaboration enhances working remotely and reviewing design and construction.

Why now?

Because of fundamental evolutions in the past 5 years : 

  • Deployment of videoconferencing
  • Hybrid meetings
  • Increasing use of headsets 
  • Promoting sustainability: reducing business travels.
  • Use cloud Common Data Environments & schedule tools: SharePoint, Primavera...

  • BIM & digital twins common-place in construction

  • Large contractors developed digital strategy & data management 

  • Investments on infra in US & Europe (Green deal, Covid relance)

  • Huge investment in VR by Silicon Valley

  • Collaboration & conferencing technology: a flood of innovation

  • Evolution in price & quality of VR hardware

  • Introduction of 5G, cloud computing & non-fungible tokens.

  • Gaming industry: VR platforms such as Roblox have become the most popular ones.

Where is the data stored?

Our first three proposals

What do we offer?

1. Onboarding rooms

We provide a great introduction for your remote team member as they start their employment with you.

2. Project Trainings

Simplify and improve your trainings with your teammates. Improve your flexibility to build and deliver your course engaging your learners with real-life scenarios.

3. Value Engineering Workshops

Create spaces for brainstorming success, enhance the flow of ideas  and obtain value for money in  your project.

A wide range of meeting spaces

Tender Board

Risk Workshop

Project Start-Up

Project Onboarding

Leisure short games

Big Room

Optimization Room

Project Follow-Up


Escape room events

Project Audit

Claim dispute

Truth - finding

PQ Reference Room

Assestments Rooms

Independent checking


War Room

Sales & Marketing

360° Video Room

Technical Room

Revit Immersion

Site Visit

Planning Room

Environmental Room